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We finally did it!

Here we go……..

We have finally packed our first batch of trial packs and have started sending them out and the feedback we are getting is amazing.

We have been working closely with the team at Loonat Catering for the last 6 months and they have been developing their unique recipes and converting them into our Tiffin Spicebox kits.

It’s been a long journey in developing the recipes and products and getting them right for spice kits that can easily be cooked at home to recreate the unique flavours of Indian cusine.

Our Indian recipe kits are unique in the quality of the spice blends which have been created using the exclusive recipes of Loonat Catering. We have worked hard to create recipes for traditional tasting food whilst making the cooking process as straightforward as possible without taking the quality away.

To achieve this, we have carefully blended and measured the spices

We have included fresh garlic and ginger which we have pulsed and sealed for you

And we have peeled, chopped, and fried the onions for you which we feel is the single most important part of a quality curry.

It really is the onions that make or break your curry and this is where the greatest tears are shed (literally). Usually when it comes to the onions is where aspiring curry chefs mess up.

To get the onions right requires great patience and experience to know whne they are just ready. Leave the onions too long and they will burn in seconds and if you rush the onions there will be chunks and whole onion pieces in your curry.

To avoid a curry with burnt onions or raw uncooked onions floating in the curry we have done the hard work for you

We have gone to great lengths to ensure you get the right quality of product and the freshness is retained. Place your order now and you will soon see why there is no Indian Curry Recipe Kit that can come close to even comparing to ours.

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