Tiffin Spice Box UK: Indian Spices & Curry Recipe Kits in the UK

Packed with the 3 key ingredients to make your perfect curry

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Save valuable time.
We’ve mastered the
fried onions and
freshly sealed them.

Our ginger & garlic
are precisely
measured into a paste &
neatly packed for you.

FINELY BLENDED and perfectly portioned 

spices. ready to cook
and savour!

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Have a look around,      pick YOUR MEAL OR SUBSCRIPTION Package   that suits you

Plan your great
night-in while we
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Easily cook your
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“Tasty flavoursome curries, amazing recipes to wake up your taste buds! ”


“Can't believe how quickly the curry was ready and best of all hardly any mess to clean."


"Straight forward to use, simple step by step instructions, Even a first time chef can create their favourite curry."