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Why is Indian food so popular in the UK?



Indian cuisine has quite a long history in the UK. The first Indian restaurant in England was opened way back in 1810. And more recently, in 2016, it was estimated there were 12,000 curry houses. So you can imagine how popular Indian food has become in the UK.

There is a good reason for this. Filled with a wide variety of flavours and heart-warming aromas, many people would find it hard to say no to a traditional Indian curry. 

What sets Indian Cuisine apart?

So what’s the secret?

Recipes for Indian cuisine have traditionally been passed on down the years for generations. And so, with each generation of refinements and tweaks, the food becomes even more pleasurable to the tastebuds. 

Each of these recipes contains a variety of spices to guarantee a satisfying experience. Examples of common spices found in Indian food are ginger, garlic, and chillies. 

Interestingly, these spices are not always powdered. Some recipes demand whole spices be added to the dish to enhance the flavour. Adding whole spices is quite common, and in fact, a must in some dishes. Without the whole spices, you can’t do justice to the meal.

The North and South Divide

Indian Cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes. Depending on which part of India the food is from, it will have its own distinct style. From the thick creamy and meaty curries found in the north of India to the stomach filling rice-based meals of the south. Not to forget the vitamin-friendly vegetarian dishes of Gujarat and, of course, the tasty seafood offered in Bengal. The variety of Indian food is extremely vast and provides unique experiences for food enthusiasts.

Platters of food

Not just one plate of food

Indian food usually brings a whole experience with it. For instance, you will need more than just one plate. For a full Indian experience, multiple plates are needed in front of you. One plate for the naan bread, one for the curry, and maybe small bowls for the chutney and sauces. Let’s not forget a plate for the poppadoms and the rice. 

All in all, you‘ll need a big table to fit all the different plates in. 

Oh yes, then there are the sides that need to be squeezed onto the table. Whether it’s the juicy kebabs or the succulent chicken starters, there’s a rich variety of sides to decorate your dining table.

Spice up your life

Traditional Indian culture is known for its bright colours. Whether it’s the bright yellow similar to turmeric or the bright red like chilli powder. These vibrant colours can also be found in Indian food. So with each meal, you are transported to a culture filled with colour and sunshine.

In summary, Indian food is popular due to many reasons. Among them are the taste, variety, and experience found in Indian Cuisine. 

So what are you waiting for? Take your tastebuds around the whole of India and experience a variety of tastes.

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