Our Story - Tiffin Spice Box
Our Story

First things first, allow us to explain what a tiffin is

Growing up we’ve always known a tiffin to be a metal “lunch-box”. Traditional stainless steel containers delivering piping hot meals to workers throughout India. These handy containers come in two or three tiers, keeping the curry separate from the rice or the naan.

Now you know what a tiffin is, it’s time to get to know who we are.

Well, we love bringing family and friends together. It’s something we’ve been doing for years (more on that later). We believe the best way to keep people connected is by bringing them together for meals.

But cooking an authentic Indian dish can be a stressful experience. The last thing we want when cooking up a meal for your loved ones is for it to be a chore.

That’s why our amazing Spice Kits are not only packed with exquisite flavour and bursting with incredible aroma but they also make cooking super simple with the help of our ready-packed ginger and garlic paste, expertly fried onions and carefully measured spices. A gift from our legendary chefs.

Our experienced chefs have come a long way. Learning the tightly guarded secrets of Indian food privately passed down from generation to generation to becoming expert caterers in traditional and authentic cooking. They’ve spent the past 25 years delighting thousands of guests at weddings and conferences with real Indian food and flavours.

And now, our tradition of bringing family and friends together and building strong bonds through food has been brought to another level. Our chefs have carefully crafted the perfect Recipe Kits. So quick and easy to follow, you can savour the fresh spice blends and taste the real joy of Indian food while at the same time enjoy the loving company of your nearest and dearest.

The best thing?
You can stay in the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to go anywhere.
What's more, with the Tiffin Spice Box recipe kits you will find it much easier to choose which delicious meal you want to share with your family and friends, save time preparing it and cleaning up. You never have to worry about running low on spices or even not having the right spices. It’s simple, stress free and saves you space (no need to stock up on spices that eventually go stale).