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Are Indian curries healthy?

A sure-fire way to have a glorious day is to make sure you look and feel good. You’ll feel confident enough to take on the whole world single-handedly. Your body language will scream: “Bring it on.” No challenge will be too big. You’ll have an aura of positivity. Everything around you will be influenced by your positivity.

There’s a ton of advice telling you what to do to look and feel good. One thing on that list without fail will be to eat well.

As they say: “You are what you eat.” Eat good food, you’ll feel good. Binge on junk food, eventually you’ll feel terrible. Leaving you feeling like the challenge in front of you is worse than climbing Mount Everest.

So as a lover of Indian food, the big question is:

Are Indian curries healthy?

Natural Spices

As you know, Indian curry is packed with natural spices. Ginger, garlic, and turmeric, to name a few. Each brings its own nutritional benefit.

Ginger is claimed to calm the digestive system and improve colic symptoms. Some studies have suggested ginger can be used as an antiaging agent. This means it slows down the degeneration in the skin.

So like this, Indian food contains many different spices which are beneficial for your health.


If you’re avoiding meat and looking for a vegetarian curry, you don’t have to look very far. Your options in the menu under the vegan and vegetarian section are huge.

Lentils and vegetables are commonly added to curries. We all know how good vegetables are for us. And I’m not just talking about carrots being able to help us see in the dark.

Lentils, otherwise known as daal, are a good source of protein. Daal is also used to describe pulses and beans. The different types of daal play an important in giving a balanced healthy diet.

Healthier curry

Now I’m not trying to convince you that Indian foods are the best and healthiest food on the planet. To be fair, there are good dishes and not-so-good dishes. Tomato-based dishes like tandoori, jalfrezi, and madras are a safer option compared to cream-based dishes like dopiaza, korma, and butter chicken.

But cooking these curries at home means you control what goes in the curry. So you decide if you want to make your curry healthier than the tasty curry available at your local favourite takeaway. If you opt for a creamy curry, try swapping the cream with fat-free yogurt. Or go easy on the butter, cream, etc.

The best dish to enjoy would be the tandoori. It’s similar to grilling. What’s more, the flavour comes from the marinade rather than the oil.

Talking about oil, it’s worth mentioning that oil will be required in Indian foods. If you’re cooking yourself, you’re in control of how much you use and how you use it. That’s the beauty of making food at home. You know precisely what you’re putting in the food. 

So homemade is healthier than takeaway. But to cook at home, you need time and hard work. Make the cooking process easier for you by using our spice kits. You’ll save time, know what’s in your food, and be able to ensure you eat well. Helping you on your way to look good and feel good.

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